Parking pain (1)

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

by: Sacha Oerlemans

INRIX Research found that there are three components of parking pain;

  • Searching for parking
  • Paying for more parking time than required
  • Parking fines

Together, these three components of parking pain cost GBP 31.2 billion in the UK and EUR 45.2 billion in Germany. By far the largest cost is the search for a parking space.

  • Motorists spend an average of nearly nine minutes in pursuit of a parking space.
  • Motorists waste more than 40 hours (UK 44, DE 41) a year in search of parking.

Parking pain has impacts on the wider economy as well, as the past year;

  • more than 40% of all motorists said they avoided driving to shops, and
  • almost one in three gave up on reaching their destination due to parking problems.

Parking pain also has non-economic impacts such as causing stress and leading to arguments with fellow motorists.

Factors that cause parking pain are the same as those that cause congestion:

  • large and growing populations,
  • vibrant economies,
  • relatively cheap motoring, and
  • dense urban environments.

An extract from INRIX Research The Impact of Parking Pain

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