Can't find your parked car?

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

by: Sacha Oerlemans

At some stage, this happens to 6 out of 10 motorists.

Six out of ten motorists forget where they have parked, according to research conducted under 1,600 Dutch car owners by the ANWB, the Dutch Automobile Association. According to the researchers, it takes men longer to find their vehicle than women.

The main reason why they can't find their car is because they are distracted by other things. It then takes four out of ten motorists between five and ten minutes to actually find their car. However, the group who need even longer to find their car back are mostly men.

When this happens more often, motorists begin to devise ways of remembering where they have parked. For example, 59 percent try to remember landmarks and 12 percent take a photo of the location or write it down. Also, 12 percent try to park in the same spot every time.


As alternative, the ANWB offers an app ANWB Connected, that the motorist can use to find their car back more easily. This app is available for everyone.

Source: ANWB