San Francisco rolls out demand-based parking prices

Thursday, 18 January 2018

AP Photo/Ben Margot

  • The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority has recently approved a citywide expansion of its demand-based parking price programme. San Francisco is now the first American city to implement a surge pricing programme at all parking meters, parking facilities and city-owned parking facilities.
  • Demand-based pricing had already been rolled out at 7,000 of the city's metered parking spaces, as well as 14 city-managed parking facilities. Now, by expanding the programme to the rest of the city-owned parking spaces, the expectation is that congestion due to motorists circling the streets for a parking space will decrease as parking turnover on popular streets increases.
  • The metered pricing charge is currently a minimum of 50 cents per hour, with a cap of USD 8 per hour. Under the new programme, the city will adjust parking meter rates every three months based on average occupancy. If occupancy of a block is consistently 80% or more, the rate will increase, if occupancy is below 60%, the price will drop.

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