• Q-Park will focus on the strongest part of sponsorship – its ability to build and enhance relationships. Raising awareness or creating exposure is of lesser importance.
  • Q-Park will focus on enhancing trust, on a market’s tendency to use our parking services, on underpinning the localness of Q-Park and/or on solidifying the positioning of Q-Park.
  • Q-Park will sponsor an event if it fits strategically and delivers on multiple objectives including product and/or service exclusivity. And only after a stringent, objective assessment based on corporate strategy as we are answerable to shareholders, boards, employees, customers and society.
  • Q-Park, as we all, feels for worthy causes but will only engage in sponsorship if the cause is extremely powerful and the investment is justified. If the investment is not a good fit but we still want to contribute – we will do so with a philanthropic perspective.
  • Q-Park will not sponsor an event to appease critics, but if we can use the expertise or resources of the sponsored event to make some meaningful changes or if a sponsorship can be very helpful in influencing a more informed and responsible public opinion, we will do so.

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