Architectural & Structural Design

For ease-of-use and safety

What is the secret to an excellent parking facility?

  • We create parking facilities to fit in with their surroundings and to serve the local environment.
  • We design all of our architectural and structural elements to help our customers access, park and exit as safely and seamlessly as possible.
  • We focus on the functionality and performance of parking facilities every day.

How do we get people in and out so easily?

The trick to easy access and exit is a design that allows car and pedestrian traffic to flow smoothly. To do this, we make sure the access and exit barriers are located perfectly. Aisles are straight, and the access lanes have sufficient space for multiple cars so they do not obstruct the street.

Our exit routes are short to minimise pollution and noise, and we consider the capacity of the street to absorb the cars leaving our parking facility.

Figure 1 – Perfectly located barriers with straight aisles and sufficient space for cars so they do not obstruct the street.

How do we help customers park in a single manoeuvre?

Once in the car park, our customers want to park quickly and get on with their day. Therefore, we aim for the optimum ratio of three key measurements: the width of the driving aisle (a), the width of the parking space (b), and its angle (c). This allows us to create parking facilities where our customers find a vacant space quickly and park an average car in a single move.

Figure 2 – Optimum ratio measurements combined with one-way traffic, smart columns and clear lines of sight.

Do customers notice our functional design solutions?

Our customers may not be experts in car park design, but they recognise a user-friendly car park when they experience one.

One-way traffic (x) expedites parking and increases safety. Our careful attention to the sizing and positioning of columns (y) and other support structures maintain sight lines (z), while increasing parking efficiency.

In other words, our comprehensive solutions create safe and easy-to-use parking facilities.

Figure 3 - One-way traffic, angled and column free parking create safe and easy to use parking facilities.