Transparent & Attractive

Are all parking operators this transparent?

We park cars! Well, actually, our customers park their cars in our parking facilities. And we want to welcome them, as motorists and as pedestrians. That’s why we design our main pedestrian areas as visible, attractive and as transparent as possible – from all parking floors and from the outside.

We design our main elevator and stair areas as an attractive and dominant feature of the parking facility. We want this space, where we welcome our customers, to have an open ambiance, and we create this with large glazed window sections and fully glazed doors. Our customers are, as it were, drawn to it by design.

This main area is accessible from all levels and is naturally connected with where our customers want to be: the shopping centre, offices, station, etc. The main elevator serves all levels and when it’s visible in the public domain, we really endeavour to make it a non-invasive design feature. Our bespoke glass elevators blend in with their surroundings while increasing a sense of safety for our customers.

Our open and transparent designs also:

  • Keep the distance from any parking space to this main area as short as possible, preferably less than100 metres.
  • Have automatic sliding doors for comfortable access, especially where we expect large numbers of pedestrians.
  • Avoid steps and thresholds, so our floor connections are level.
  • Ensure the main entrance lobby is wide enough to provide comfortable standing areas, especially in front of the elevators.
  • Ensure the main stairs are wide enough to allow people to pass while carrying bags.

Our glass walls, doors and elevators set the tone. Q-Park is welcoming, transparent, comfortable and safe: every detail is thoroughly thought through. Our smart layouts and transparent design features set us apart.

Q-Park, transparent in parking - inside and out!