Art & Culture

Why does Q-Park care about art & culture?

Well, we know art is an expression of creative skill and imagination. Art is anything that is aesthetically pleasing, and culture is a manifestation of ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a community, and of human intellectual achievement.

Rotating: Spencer Tunick - Dream of Amsterdam. Fredrik Raddum - One foot. Jacqueline Dauriac - Silk dress.

That's why art and cultural events are often present in our parking facilities. Our walls make an excellent backdrop for exhibiting art of all kind. And our spaces are available for exhibitions and events by schools and professionals alike.

This ensures that our customers experience our services in a slightly different, more engaging way.

The arts and a parking operator! Really?

Well, it is fair to say that Q-Park facilitates creativity and ideas. In the broadest sense.

  • We open our doors to art exhibitions, to opera singers, to movie makers and photographers.
  • We partner with cultural organisations and facilitate cultural events.
  • We showcase what has been found underground while excavating to create parking solutions in a dense urban environment.
    • While constructing our parking facility in Antibes, workers found a Roman shipwreck of a 14 m vessel dating from the 2nd century AD. We now exhibit large photographs of the excavations inside the parking facility.
    • In Saarbrucken, remains of Roman walls found during excavation for construction have been preserved and are visible in the parking facility.