Winning the Oscars

EPA Awards – 'Oscars of the parking industry'.

The European Parking Award has been instituted by the European Parking Association (EPA) as a biennial award for excellence in parking.

The EPA Awards are the ‘Oscars of the parking industry’ and applaud the highest quality in five categories. They honour the most outstanding and excellent car parks, services, on-street solutions, innovations and communication schemes.

The objective of the awards is to promote qualitative improvements in public car parking, services provided to customers, effective and sustainable management of the parking facilities and the contribution of parking policy to sustainable urban mobility plans.

EPA Award 2017 - Cashless & Contactless Payments.

EPA Award 2017 - Prevent Smash & Grab.

Q-Park has participated from the beginning and won numerous EPA Awards and Special Jury Commendations over the years: