Digitising processes

Digital transformation? It takes scale & skill!

Digitising core processes to enhance operational efficiency in parking may appear to be easy, but make no mistake. There is more to opening and closing a barrier then most people think.

Digitising operational processes and integrating them with administrative processes to reduce costs, while simultaneously digitally enhancing products and services to improve customer experiences is key.

For parking operations this means;

  • Cashless payment options onsite are the norm.
  • Online payment must be easy and secure.
  • Pre-booking and a variety of season ticket customers must be recognised at access and exit points.
  • Readily available information on location, availability, parking tariffs, points of interests etc must be accurate.
  • Self-service portals enable customers, sales channels and landlords to fufill their needs more efficiently.
  • Customer privacy concerns and other legislation must be adhered to.
  • Administrative reports and benchmarks provide solid business insights.

It's not easy

Due to our scale, we were able to effectively digitise our core processes. To be sure, we've lived the complexity and dynamics of ever changing scope and requirements. And no, it was not an easy, nor flawless road.

But to date we have the skill to deal with the impact on our core processes and installed base, of changing customer behaviour and consistent advancements in technology.

Future growth

  • We have a strategic roadmap for future growth with digital enhancements of our products and services.
  • Our digital projects have clear directions, are properly planned, managed and executed.
  • We engage with relevant stakeholders, wether they are public or private landlords, business partners or sales channels, in- or external teammembers, because we;
    • Need their support to create the right value.
    • Need to mitigate conflict for timely delivery.
    • Want to ensure capabilities for proper usage.

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