Digitising payments

Cashless payments make life easier

Cashless payments enable motorists to access and exit our car parks using their payment card, just as they would check in and out of public transport.

Advances in technology, coupled with the rise of global standards and increased customer confidence in and acceptance of electronic payments, open up a range of opportunities. For car park operators, their business partners and sales channels - while focusing on improving the customer experience.

Make life easier for customers and operators

Customers safe time and operators substantially reduce costs. Cashless payment systems make car parks safer and more efficient to operate. There is no need to empty cash from the machine or deposit cash at the bank.

Forms of cashless payment

Simplest form

The simplest form of cashless payment occurs when the customer is given a ticket on entry to the car park. The ticket is encoded with the time of access. When the customer wishes to exit the facility, the ticket is inserted into the payment terminal, the appropriate fee is calculated based on the time elapsed since access, and the customer can then pay by a credit or debit card.

More advanced form

The more advanced form of cashless payment occurs when payment card readers are installed at entrance and exit points. This ticketless transaction process is very quick and when it is complete the barrier opens and the customer enters or exits the car park with their bank card as ticket.

  • The amount due is calculated, based on the elapsed time, and debited to the card.
  • No parking ticket is required.
  • There is no need to queue at a machine.
  • The system checks the validity of the card when it is first presented, and this reduces the risk of it being declined upon exit. If the customer is unable to pay with this card, he or she can present another card or select an alternative payment method.
  • Customers need not worry about security as any sensitive card information is presented only to the secure reader.
  • All Q-Park car parks are connected to a dedicated communications network. It sends the card transactions securely to their payment card issuer.
  • The information usually printed on the ticket is ‘tokenised’ in combination with the payment card credentials.
  • This 'card token’ serves as the identifier.

What are the advantages?

Top 4 advantages for the customer:

  • Customers use their debit or credit card to access and exit
  • Customers save time as they don’t have to go to the payment terminal
  • No paper ticket to lose
  • No need for change

Top 4 advantages for the operator:

  • Safer – less cash at the car park
  • Risk is lower and security is enhanced
  • Fewer breakdowns and reduced maintenance costs
  • Card payments are cheaper than cash

How it works? https://www.q-park.com/parking-solutions/cashless-payment-solutions

How it works? https://www.q-park.com/showcases/newsitem/13880/cashless-contactless-payments-in-parking-facilities

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