Digital payments

Cashless payments make life easier

Cashless payments enable motorists to access and exit our car parks using their payment card, just as they would check in and check out of public transport.

Advances in technology, coupled with the rise of global standards as well as increased customer confidence in and acceptance of digital payments, open up a range of opportunities. Now all car park operators, their business partners and sales channels can take advantage of these developments while focusing on improving the customer experience.

Making life easier for customers and operators

Cashless payments save time for customers and help operators substantially reduce costs. Cashless payment systems make car parks safer and more efficient to operate. Motorist access and exit the car park faster and more conveniently and what’s more, there is no need to empty cash from the machine or deposit it at the bank.

What are the advantages?

Top four advantages for the customer:

  • Customers use a debit or credit card to access and exit
  • Customers save time as they don’t have to go to the payment terminal
  • No paper ticket to lose
  • No need to carry change

Top four advantages for the operator:

  • Safer – less cash at the car park
  • Lower risk and enhanced security
  • Fewer breakdowns and reduced maintenance costs
  • Card payments are cheaper than cash

Customers need not worry about security as any sensitive card information is presented only to the secure reader. The parking ticket information is ‘tokenised’ in combination with your payment card credentials and this 'card token’ enables you to access and exit the car park.