Partnering with Q-Park

We design, upgrade and operate new and existing parking facilities. For this purpose, we build strong partnerships with public authorities, project developers, landlords, retailers and capital providers during the acquisition process and to ensure long-term, mutually beneficial relationships for all those involved.

We are always interested in discussing projects and contracts with potential partners. Please contact us for more information or an appointment with someone from one of our country offices.

Creating value together

As a recognised leader in quality parking, we create additional value in collaboration with our partners. Together we increase customer service and exceed expectations, which leads to sustainable growth. 

Q-Park investments

Q-Park understands the mobility chain, the accessibility demand and the public consequences of parking in urban areas. We have four basic operational models for parking facilities:

  • Buy, own and operate
  • Lease and operate
  • Manage and charge a fee
  • Regulate by means of permits and control fees

Interested in partnering with Q-Park?

Thank you for your interest in Q-Park, we will get in touch with you shortly.