Hart van Zuid, Rotterdam

Functional transformation

Q-Park's 13th parking facility in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is a prime example of a ‘transformation with functional focus’.

Hart van Zuid is an existing car park adjacent to our car park Zuidplein. Both car parks are connected to the large shopping centre.

The car park with two levels (ground floor and level +1), with separate entries and exits for each level, was previously operated as two separated car parks.

Main transformations:

  • Improved accessibility,
  • Comfortable parking layout,
  • Pay point and pedestrian entrance,
  • New lighting with motion detection,
  • In- and external signage,
  • Renewed pavement and lineation of the parking bays.

Improved accessibility

As the car park had two separate entries, we repositioned the ground floor entry and created a ‘combined’ entry for both levels. One central entry for the car park which provides unity and flexibility.

Entry - Before & After

Comfortable parking layout

The parking bays and aisles were too narrow, so we changed the layout and introduced angled parking with parking bays of 2,50m on both levels. This reduced the number of parking spaces from 137 to 104 yet significantly increased the parking comfort.

Layout - Before & After

Pay point and pedestrian entrance

Parking facilities 'Hart van Zuid' and 'Zuidplein' are neighbours, so we were able to connect the parking management systems and make due with one pay point, one lodge and one external 24/7 pedestrian entrance.

Pay point - Before & After

This pedestrian entrance is located next to the internal stair case, the payment machine and most important, across Ahoy Rotterdam, which is a multifunctional venue.

New lighting with motion detection

The existing lighting was poorly maintained and of poor quality, so we installed an energy efficient high frequent T5 35W lighting system with motion detection.

Based on the feedback of our clients, the landlord and our colleagues, we are proud to conclude that this transformation is a success.

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