Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

Improved customer service

We undertook an eight-month renovation of the Sauchiehall Street car park in Glasgow, after acquiring a multi-decade lease. The facility, which services the local community and a multi-tenanted shopping centre, was suffering from a number of quality standard issues that needed to be addressed urgently. These included structural and concrete repairs, fixing badly worn parking decks, updating payment machines, and renovating the public toilets.

Our focus was on improving customer service standards while ensuring the car park remained open throughout the renovation. We achieved this by carrying out disruptive work during the evenings and using dust suppression methods to ensure that customers and their cars were unaffected.

New design

One of the outcomes of the new design was a reversal of the way cars circulated through the car park. This involved changing the parking equipment, signage and floor markings in one overnight session. Additional staff were brought in the following morning to assist customers using the new equipment and layout.

The result is a car park that is well lit, clean, safe and secure. We reduced the number of parking spaces from 404 to 375, providing customers with additional room. Other improvements include:

  • A new lighting system, transforming the look and feel and improving the sense of security
  • A highly visible lodge which acts as an information and customer communication point
  • The new circulation route makes it easier for customers to navigate around the facility
  • The new parking spaces are larger, making it easier to manoeuvre
  • Clean toilet facilities are available, accommodating disabled users and equipped with baby changing facilities
  • A Q-Park host completes regular patrols to ensure safety and maintain cleanliness
  • Increased number of payment points increased which now offer a range of payment options

Level 6 - before

Level 6 - after

Level 7 - before

Level 7 - after