Setanta, Dublin

Setanta Mural

“The Irish Flagship!”

Cu Chulainn

Setanta, an ancient Irish Warrior, later named Cu Chulainn. He is one of the most famous Irish mythological heroes. He appears in the stories of the Ulster Cycle, and Scottish and Manx folklore. He was said to be the son of Deichtine and the god Lugh, and the nephew of Conchobar mac Nessa, the King of Ulster. His given name at birth was Setanta but he gained the name Cu Chulainn, meaning ‘Culann’s Hound’ after he killed a ferocious guard dog belonging to a smith named Culann. Cu Chulainn offered to take the place of the guard dog until a replacement could be reared.

Q-Park Setanta - before & after

This 35 year old parking facility was refurbished in 2012 for EUR 2 million, becoming the Irish flagship car park. The construction project took 5 months to complete with 20 contractors. The parking facility remained operational for the entire duration of the refurbishment, catering to the demands of local industry.

Today it offers 145 parking spaces in an underground facility over 4 zones and is one of the most impressive existing parking facility.


Located at the heart of Dublin’s most vibrant business, leisure and retail district. Just off Molesworth Street, Q-Park Setanta, offers the highest standards in parking which Q-Park customers demand and expect.

The busiest and most famous of shopping orientated streets in Dublin, Grafton Street, is located 150 metres away from the car park entrance. Several museums and art galleries in the area. The main seat of the Irish Government and other government buildings are located in close proximity to the car park. There is an abundance of restaurants and other retail outlets immediately above or within short walking distance. Across from the parking facility lies the most famous University in Ireland, Trinity College, which attracts a huge amount of visitors each year.

Map of the area

Safety & Security

  • Bright view in the car park
  • Wide and well-lit ramps
  • Induction fan ventilation with CO and NO2 detection
  • Fire Alarm and QCR linked 24/7
  • Centrally located customer friendly parking lodge 
  • Easy parking & smart routing
  • VMS parking guidance installation and Signal Park System
  • CCTV with fixed and full function cameras

Special Features

  • Environmental
    • High frequency energy-efficient florescent lighting with motion detector
    • External and internal planting
  • Extra features
    • Car Cleaning Clinic service on site
    • SmartPark card
    • Wheelchair accessible restrooms
    • Baby changing facilities

Energy-efficient florescent lighting

Car Cleaning Clinic

No-H2O is an Irish franchise business that specialises in eco-friendly and waterless car care. This ‘no water’ solution saves between 80 to 100 litres of fresh water per individual car wash.This new ‘Cleaning Clinic’ offers customers a wide range of services from basic express exterior car cleaning to a highly detailed interior car cleaning.