Grote Markt, Tongeren

The 126 spaces, three storey underground car park represents the highest quality standards for design, convenience, safety and customer service.

To complement the car park with its surroundings, the little square located above the parking was refurbished together when the car park was upgraded. Trees were planted which was welcomed by the residents in the neighbourhood.

New ramp to increase accessibility

In the old situation, layers –2 and –3 were poorly accessible due to a 2-way ramp on level –2. This, in combination with some other factors, made the two lowest levels almost unaccessible.

The existing 2-way ramp was transformed into a 1-way ramp, and an additional ramp was build in the middle of the car park. This modification not only made the levels –2 and –3 more accessible, it also improved the overall routing in the car park.

The overall layout is based on our proprietary 1-way system in a counter clockwise direction moving through the different levels. This 1-way system is safer for motorists and pedestrians.

The majority of parking spaces are wide and angled for easier parking.

Key features include:

  • Increased number of parking spaces, from 50 to 126
  • Parking spaces on 3 levels accessible by creating an additional ramp
  • Improved internal and external signage
  • The car park it at a unique location, directly accessible from the ring road
  • Adjustments especially for pedestrians
  • Renovated internal and external look
  • Closed barrier and speedgates to create a safe & well-functioning parking facility
  • Easy motorist and pedestrian navigation throughout
  • Highest level of customer services